Bonding Moments

December 25, 2009. We decided to go to Star City along with my mom-in-law, my mom and nephews and nieces. However, it was a wrong decision. Why? The theme park was overflowing with people…

We ended up at the SM Mall of Asia (MOA) parking area and ate dinner we bought from SM Hypermarket. I was a funny experience though.

Here are some of of photos during our Christmas Day escapade.

Celyn, Nanay and Thea
Mama and Nanay (my mom-in-law)

Grace, Thea, Ate Leny, Joie

Mama’s Here!

My mother along with 3 of my sister’s kids will be spending holidays here in Manila. They travaelled for 12 hours from our hometown in Bicol just to celebrate New Year 2010 with us and visit our other relatives. They’ll be here for 20 days, quite a long vacation, right?
The little girl seldom sleeps in the afternoon since Thursday for she’s afraid the Lola Ester will go home already.

Bon Andre, Mama, Thea, Joie, Grace and Ate Leny

with Thea & me

PS: Papa, thank you so much for sending us the Digicam. Wish you’re here to celebrate holidays with us… Take care always, we love you so much!

Discover the Magic with KSA Magic Skin Care

I was one of the lucky bloggers who attended the 18th Christmas Party of Glowcal Manufacturing Corporation and 3rd Anniversary of KSA Magic. It was not just a party because we had the chance to meet the company’s celebrity-endorser none other than Ms. Gladys Reyes.
During our short interview with Ms. Gladys Reyes, she introduced to us the wide range of KSA Magic products. She also shared her some of her secrets to a beautifully white skin. Her favorite products are the Lightening Scrub and Oatmeal Soap. These products are proven safe and effective even for pregnant women. Ms. Gladys told us that she first used KSA Magic products when she was still pregnant with baby Christoph. She exclaimed that KSA Magic is a best alternative to expensive dermatological treatments for skin-related problems.
In addition to their existing products lines such as soap, creams, and facial cleansers and toners, KSA Magic introduces KSA Magic Hair Treats All in 1 which is designed to bring back the shine and softness of dull and lifeless hair. It works like hot oil treatment in the comfort of your own homes. No need to go to the parlor or hair salons. I am going to try this product tomorrow…so excited to see the results.
The main ingredients of their products include calamansi and other active ingredients like carrot, cucumber, seaweeds. Glowcal Manufacturing is known for producing soap through cold process. Cold Processed Soaps utilizes ONLY vegetable or coconut oil without any animal fat, and have complete control of its herbal extract oils. Most of the components and extracts used came from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. KSA Magic Glutathione Cream, on the other hand, does not contain hydroquinon, mercury, and other harmful ingredients which cause skin cancer.

Glowcal Manufacturing Corporation started in 1991 when Ms. Elizabeth Figuracion Perez de Tagle embarked producing skin care products competing with leading brands, and established a single proprietorship company called Le Derma Skin Care. Since then, the company continues to grow and eventually entered the global market having with distribution channels in Canada, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and in the continents of North America, South America, and the Middle East.

For more information you may visit their websites: (for USA Customers)


Thanksgiving Dec. 12, 2009

Thea in front of the Church

B.A pa-cute haha

Papa, we really need a Digicam. Mama’s camera phone does not work well indoors (pinatay na ni Ka Manny ang ibang ilaw eh)

ay lalong madilim…

ready for “lakwatsa” err grocery shopping at SM HyperMarket Shaw Blvd. That pink top was once a dress. Her Tita Leny discovered that it looks cutie now with maong shorts.

We Surpassed the Target!

Yes we did!

After the 14-day diet we went to Nestle Office in Rockwell, Makati yesterday for the official weigh off. The Weigh Off was done to determine who amongst the challengers are able to lose 2lbs or more after two weeks.

With all the efforts, serious diet (without starving ourselves), regular exercise and motivation from my team mates, I was able to shed off 4.3 lbs. Yeah, that’s more than double the target. I was extremely happy. Aside from the weight loss, I was also happy with my physical exam result. I think balanced-diet and exercise contributed to my normal blood pressure, it was 100/80. I used to be slighlty anemic.

The game is not over yet… We still need your votes….
So please continue supporting us by voting TEAM EATHLINGORGEOUSNESS!!!


PayPal Wishlist

Want to buy a new watch this holiday, or an LCD TV perhaps. This is a legit promo courtesy of Paypal. I created my own wishlist few day ago. As per contest mechanics, you can earn as much as $100 by creating a Paypal Wishlist. If you want to create own, just click the link below.

Dont’ forget to share this to your friends. The more you share, the more earn!

Day 11

Following the suggested Fitnesse meal plan religiously,coupled with regular exercise yields positive results…I am so happy that I can’t help it but share this amazing news with you. As the weighing scale says, I have already surpassed the target…
Thanks, team mates for the words of encouragement and motivation.
My only problem now is my bulging tummy. I’m aiming for a flatter tummy, but of course I need more exercise/work out. Last night, before retiring to bed after a loongg day at work and graduate school class, I’ve read few chapter of my “Flat Belly Diet” book. I got the book last year as a prize from joining an online contest. Itold my self that I will continue the Fitnesse diet and follow the suggested work-outs from the book such as brisk walking and some easier work outs that don’t require too much gym equipment.
There are only 3 days left before the Weigh Off and I think our team is ready.
Online voting is still on-going. So friends, please vote for our team and help us make it till the finals and ultimately win those designer wardrobes…
Please click on the image on the left to visit my journal.

New Bedroom

Thea jumping on the mattress 😀 yeah, for we’re only using that Uratex queen-size mattress. We intend to have have our bed custom-made inside the room. We have a difficulty moving the bed frame up due to limited space.
the cabinet… Thea on the side imitating the BodyCombat moves hahaaha… doing sidekick eh.

the stairs leading to 4th floor/rooftop

* The color of the door was changed – it’s now the same as the built-in cabinet below

That’s our new and wider bedroom located at the 3rd floor of our humble home.