Getting Ready for New Year’s Celebration

Happy Holidays!!!

It would be a long weekend for us. Even though we still need to report for work today, I am happy because we’ll be enjoying eight days of break from the usual office routine.

So, what are my plans for the holidays? I would be a busy mom at home, taking care of my little one, doing the household chores. Completing the groceries for the New Year’s Eve celebration is also at the top my “to-do” list. With the bunch of grocery items from the office, ingredients for pasta and salad are almost complete. I am thinking of cooking all-meat spaghetti and tuna steak. I’ll also prepare fruit salad and ube cake (my own version of halaya) for dessert. I might drop by the nearest home furnishing store tomorrow to get small dining table and additional chairs.

It seems that we’ll be staying the office until 5pm, since there’s no announcement of shortened office hours today (sigh)….

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