Which is Better?

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I’ve been an inactive blogger during the past month/s. I visit my blog once in a while but don’t have ample time to compose a new entry. From time to time, I also read posts from the blogs that I follow.

Hopefully, I’ll be back soon. All I need is an internet connection at home. And at this point, I am asking your opinions about reliable internet service/product. My first choice is to apply for an unlimited broadband. But then again, I am thinking that this would mean an additional monthly expense. So, how about, pre-paid, one of the newest broadband internet service in town. Absolutely no monthly bills, since it’s prepaid, but how about the speed? Is it reliable enough. Well, my objective of having an internet connection simple – for us (me and my daughter) to chat with my husband who’s working abroad.

So, what do you think, unlimited broadband or the pre-paid one?

4 thoughts on “Which is Better?

  1. kung may pldt landline kayo, why not try yung upgrade nila to dsl? 🙂 yun yung tinatarget ko, kaso lang di available sa area namin 🙁

  2. hi ate lena! thanks for dropping by. i’m doing great! tryin’ to be active in the blogosphere once again 🙂

    i think mas okey nga talaga ang unlimited. try ko mag-inquire sa globe.

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