I’m So Excited!

The title obviously describes what I am feeling right now. My Hubby and I agreed to push through with our home improvement “project”.

Our house was constructed in 2004. He was working in Libya and we’re also preparing for our wedding at that time. It was originally designed for a three-storey building with rooftop, similar to my SIL’s house. However, due to increasing cost of construction materials, the 3rd level and rooftop were still unfinished. With our darling Thea who’s growing quite too fast, we really need a bigger space.

I am just so excited about this thing that I can’t help sharing it with you. We are looking forward celebrating New Year with the whole Zaballa family at the rooftop. My sis-in-law once said to me that she has already planning on how we will arrange the place for the occasion. It has been a “tradition” to gather the whole family together on Jan. 1 (usually lunch time) – sharing scrumptious meals, exchanging presents and endless bubbly conversations. But the celebration will seem incomplete without Papa on our side. I’m hoping that we already have internet connection by that time so that we can see him via webcam.

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