A Bunch of Thanks to You!

Bhang, for granting my request, that is designing my new header… I can not say anything but – Thank you so much!!! mwuah!
My header represents me, as Bhang explained while giving me instructions on how to upload it. The two different bags symbolizes how I balance my career and my role as a wife and mother. The little girl peeping at letter “U” corresponds to my active 2-year daughter… On the other hand, brown, pink and yellow are the dominant colors in my blog.

5 thoughts on “A Bunch of Thanks to You!

  1. your welcome my dear ate weng. I used two different bags that will represent how you juggle yourself being being mom and an office girl. That cute Lil’ girl peeping up at letter U is your growing up Thea. Isn’t she cute?:) ‘way big thanks for trusting me to do yours, thou it was another product of my experiment :). Enjoy your new header then..Muah!

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