On Direct Selling

I didn’t realize that I have an entrepreneurial talent, until I got involved in direct selling. According to wikipedia, direct selling is the marketing of products or services to consumers through sales tactics including presentations, demonstrations, and phone calls. It provides an opportunity for individuals to find fulfilment, express their entrepreneurial talents and gain financial independence. But beware! because sometimes it can become a kind of pyramid scheme.

My first formal venture in this kind of part-time job started when a representative from a company that sells fashion and lifestyle products knocked at our door on one Saturday afternoon. She explained about their products and encouraged me to join since they are offering free registration. There goes the curiousity in me. I joined the company on that the same day.

Eventhough my market is still small, I am enjoying this new money-making and stress-reliever activity. Btw, I am earning 25% commission on every item sold. Not bad. In fact, a friend also invited me to join another direct selling adventure- a sister company of a leading clothing line in the country. I agreed to meet her next week for me to sign the registration form.

How about you, have you been engaged in direct selling?

2 thoughts on “On Direct Selling

  1. yeap, but i guess i have no luck at it. I used to be an AVON dealer during my college days, sadly most of the time i make AVONO to those who didn’t pay on time, hehehe. Anyway, ok yan especially when you have the passion of doing it. When you get the hang of it you’ll definitely earn from it. It’s just that during those times i didn’t take it that serious. So goodluck. Just add me to your market then.*wink*

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