Missin’ You This Early…

… but I need to be strong.

Hubby just left at 4pm this afternoon to pursue his overseas job. He called not once but 5 times from the time he arrived at the airport until finally boarded on the plane bound to Oman. He said that he has mixed emotions – he was excited and sad. Excited because he is given an opportunity to work abroad again, and sad because he will be away from us for the next 12 months.

On our conversation last night, he was the first one who cried. He will miss our darling Thea and me. He also told me several times to take good care of Thea, to take care of myself. We promise to remain strong and constantly pray to God for His guidance.

Little Thea innocently said to her Papa to bring Koko Crunch as pasalubong when he come back [LOL].

To Papa:

Always take care, we love you so much. Call us as soon as you arrive there ha.

7 thoughts on “Missin’ You This Early…

  1. I feel for you. I have the same sentiments right now, yung akin nga 2nd time na but the loneliness is still there.

    But don’t you worry mabilis ang araw, next thing you’ll know andyan na siya para magbakasyon at baka magrenew pa ng contract like what happened to me. The first time I went abroad sabi ko 2 years lang ayaw ko na. That 2 years became 8 years teehee!

    Hope you and Thea are okay.

    Take care!

  2. i get teary eyed when i read your post. hang in there mama. it’s tough but be strong for your little one. blog ka nalang para to keep busy.

  3. shimumsy: i got teary eyed too, when i read you comment. thanks!yeah, definitely, makakatulong ang blog para mabawasan kahit papano yung lungkot.

    mitch: thanks for dropping by. it’s quite difficult talaga kasi first time namin magkakahiwalay.

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