Happy Birthday to the Best Mom in the World!

Today marks the 72nd natal day of my Mama. We greeted her last night through a phone call. I felt that she was teary-eyed when the little girl, in her turn to greet Lola, said I love you, Lola and sung “Happy Birthday”. Mama was amazed and said ang ganda naman ng boses mo (you have good singing voice).
She indeed a great mom, perhaps almost everyone say that thier moms are the best in the world. When I was younger, she would sew a dress for me, particularly during special ocassions. She rarely gets mad, and even when she does, she will still be in her mellow voice.

Although we haven’t got the chance to spend more time together, I will always be here for you. We, your children, can never recompense all your hardwork, your unconditional love, and everything you’ve given us all these years. Nonetheless, we are here to pray for your good health. Again, we thank you so much for everything. We love you, Mama!

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