Congratulations, Jojo and Leth!

The baby has arrived!
When I checked my Frienster account today, I noticed that one of the friends just created a photo album entitled “My Little Angel”. Huwaattt? I got curious. Lileth gave birth already. I am aware that her due date is July. However, I’ve been busy during the past few days that I forgot to check on her from our other pals. Anyways, I sent her an sms the moment I read that update on Friendster. Confirmed! She had a normal delivery to a 7.3-lb. baby boy last July 1. It’s glad to hear that she had a normal delivery despite here worries and fears during her pregnancy.

The mom – I met this girl through common friends some time in year 2004. It was during a group dinner at Red Crab, Greenbelt. Then the next one was at Market!Market! and several get-together followed. According to her, she was both happy and sad when I got married in 2005. Then I asked why. She said it was some kind of regret because we’ve been friends for only a short period of time that I was still single. Nevertheless, we still hang out from time to time, no matter how busy we are.

I’ll find time to visit you girl, can’t wait to see the baby. To Jojo and Leth, congrats once again. Enjoy the joys of parenthood! God Bless!

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