On Working Abroad

I am still in state of shock since last Monday. The reason is about the news I mentioned in my previous post. After more than two months of waiting, Hubby’s visa for his overseas job was finally out. He is leaving soon, very soon… that would be next Tuesday, July 1. We are both unprepared. In fact, last week he requested the agency to give back the documents he submitted for he wanted to withdraw his application. However, they did not allow him and said his visa will be released soon. This is it and I just can’t believe it!

After declining an overseas job in 2006, he is now working in one of the utility companies here in Metro Manila. During my pregnancy, I appealed to him that he should stay here until our first baby arrived. Now, that we need to save a little for our future, he wants that go back to being an overseas Filipino worker. This is not an easy decision knowing that it will mean lonely days and nights for the three of us. Living miles away from each other is hard. Nevertheless, keeping lines of communication open will bridge our distance. There is Internet as well as mobile phones. Perhaps, this blog will help us a lot too.

Given the very short notice by the agency, we have many things to do before he leaves. We have to shop for the stuffs he need to bring, and more importantly maximize the time of being together. Last Monday, when we were eating at a fastfood, he told Thea that he is leaving soon. Here goes their short conversation:

Papa: Thea, pa’no yan?, aalis na si Papa.
Thea: Ayoko!

The true blue Daddy’s girl does not want her father to work abroad but as I’ve said, we can work it out by keep lines of communication open….

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