Earning EC Credits Made Easy

Two days ago, Entrecard announced that the long awaited option to buy credits has arrived. In addition to dropping Entrecards, this option will help bloggers who want to launch a massive campaign.

Curious about this new feature, I purchased 1000 Entrecard Credits worth $9.50 yesterday. I spent the money I earned from my first paid opp from PPP. At the time I am composing this post, I have 1,414 credits on my account.

Why not try it for yourself. On your dashboard, you will now find a link to “Buy Credits”. You can also use this link: http://entrecard.com/r/buy_credits.

5 thoughts on “Earning EC Credits Made Easy

  1. Hi Weng,

    Sayang! I’m selling my ECs for a much lower price. I could’ve given it for $7 (presyong officemate hehe)payment thru Paypal. Tell me if you intend to buy again next time. I have a lot in stock. 🙂

    As for the blogroll code, please message me your email so I could send it to you.

  2. liza: yeah, i am just starting to enjoy EC’s benefits. 🙂

    kcee: ay sayang nga! i didn’t know youe selling ECs eh. i left my email on your YM ha. i’ll wait for the code hehe

  3. Hi Wena….

    I have yet to take advantage of EC. I’ve not yet checked the site that much yet as life is kinda’ busy at the moment.

    Anyway, just hopping here to wish you a great week.


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