My Entrecard

I’ve been meaning to edit/customize my Entrecard but I don’t have the guts to do so because I’m not creative. Aside from that, Entrecard says that “Image MUST be a 125×125 JPEG/JPG or PNG file”. During my previous attempts, resizing the images seems to be quite difficult for me.

I wanted to use my header image for my Entrecard but I decided to replace it with this:

That’s the one I’m using now…

3 thoughts on “My Entrecard

  1. hi wena! thanks for visiting me 😉 dropped my EC for A Simple Life, i’ll be back later for my other blogs 😉

  2. I didn’t know how to resize my picture to that size either but fortunately, Tina, “The Creative Nerd” blog owner did it for me. Perhaps she’ll do yours too. I sent her 10 credits for doing my two.
    –Karen Zemek
    author of “My Funny Dad, Harry”

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