Missing You!

I miss my baby! My little darling Althea is still on vacation. My sister told me this morning that she wasn’t able to book for tomorrow’s bus departure from Irosin (my hometown). So instead of arriving on Thursday morning, the little girl together with her Tita and cousin will arrive on Saturday. My husband said it’s okay to extend their stay there as long as they will surely arrive on Saturday. Yeah right, they should be here, because it’s my BIRTHDAY, J

I’ll be turning 31on May 24…It’ll be a family affair, just a simple celebration to remember how grateful I am for the wonderful blessings that God has given me for the past 12 months…

Btw, I want to share some of Thea’s latest photos taken last week Tuesday at my office. One of my officemates enjoyed taking pictures while I was away to keep the little girl busy. J I left Thea for about an hour with her ‘coz I attended a meeting at the other building.

3 thoughts on “Missing You!

  1. advance happy birthday! mabuti nagpa-iwan magisa ang little girl mo tapos a long vacation pa; ito ngang si MC at IC wont even allow me to leave them kahit the one hour lang, waaa 😀

  2. Thanks, raq!

    Yeah!, sanay kasi sa ate ko, silang dalawa na magkasama 5-days a week since Thea was 10 months old. yan din siguro ang difference ng SAHM at working mom. pag araw-araw mo sila kasama, di ka talaga nila hahayaan na iwan sila hehehe.

    my mom was really happy, my daughter loves to eat veggies very much daw. sinanay ko talaga kasi kumain ng gulay 🙂

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