It’s a Boy!

Oopps! Not mine, because I’m not pregnant. My online buddy, Amore is hosting an “Is it a Boy or a Girl” Contest in her blog. Amore, my gues is – It is a Boy!

Guys, here’s how to join:

Posting about this contest in your blog will enter your name in the raffle twice if your guess is correct and once if your guess is not right. Either you guess it right or wrong, you will be entitled to have one entry in the raffle if you post this contest to your blog.

Who ever guess it right, it will be entered to a raffle and Lianne will pick two winners to get $10 each (paypal money or equivalent gift card to online store you want).

Deadline: May 8th, Thursday, Pacific Time (actual drawing is on Friday)

So, come and join the fun!

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