Baby Born with Tooth

Since, Thea was born with tooth, I decided to search the web, to know the reasons behind it…
Baby Born with Tooth
information from the Atlanta Dental Group PC
A baby born with tooth is uncommon. Since it is so rare parents often worry a great deal about the tooth. A tooth that exists when a baby is born is called a neonatal tooth. Baby teeth begin forming when the baby is still in the womb. Sometimes the teeth just develop faster. Unless the tooth is loose it is not something you should really worry about too much although it is still a good idea to see a dentist to help determine what course of action should be taken.
In rare instances a baby born with tooth can actually have a spare tooth. That tooth that has already erupted, that the baby is born with, actually formed over the baby teeth that have yet to come in. The tooth is most often a bottom front tooth. If the tooth is an extra tooth it will fall out eventually when the real baby tooth is coming in but in some cases it may need to be removed. This will especially help with breast feeding the child.
Just as a baby born with tooth is rare, a baby without teeth by the age of 1 is rare. This could be the symptom of a metabolic disorder or the teeth could just be particularly stubborn. Tooth eruption of the baby first tooth normally occurs around 6-7 months of age. The first baby tooth is normally at the front of the mouth, with later teeth coming in and working their way towards the back of the mouth.

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