Wena “The Chief”

I enjoyed answering this personality test which was passed to me by Kcee

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ENTJs (Extraverted, Intuition, Thinking, Judging) are strategic, organized and possess natural leadership qualities. They are master coordinators that can effectively give direction to groups. They are able to understand complicated organizational situations and quick to develop intelligent solutions. ENTJs are outspoken and will not hesitate to speak of their plans for improvement. They are decisive and value knowledge, efficiency and competence.

Wow, I can’t believe that my personality level is comparable to those of famous ENTJs (haha) –Al Gore, Bill Gates, Dave Letterman , Margaret Thatcher and Whoopi Goldberg, to name a few. According to the results, ENTJs are often happy with the following jobs which tend to match well with the Chief/Intellectual personality such as business administrator, computer Consultant, corporate executive officer and politician.

Interested? Just go to this site and take the test…:)

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