Summer Adventure

The family’s out-of-town trip at the beach somewhere in Zambales was postponed due to some reasons. First, it would be a long and tiring travel and we need to leave as early as 5am. Second, beach is not as safe as private pool or resort especially for the kids (na sobrang makukulit). We thought that we’re not going to pursue our vacation plans anymore… Not until my mom-in-law said that we are going to La Mesa Ecopark and she already prepared our baon (packed lunch). It was past 10 in the morning then. After few minutes…broooommmm, brooommm, we’re already traversing EDSA. Upon reaching the place, we noticed that the park is almost overflowing with groups of day-trippers…And to our dismay, the girl at the entrance announced that the park’s swimming pool has already reached its maximum capacity. Hence, all the people outside who want to swim cannot be accommodated anymore. Guess what’s the funny side of it… we parked out vehicle outside, and then ate our lunch under the shade of trees hehe…Hmmm, yummy!

Next stop…Commonwealth Avenue, where we sent off hubby’s nephew who will be spending summer vacation in Nueva Ecija together with his cousins.

“Let’s try there”, one of the kids insisted…I’m referring to Sea Breeze Resort in Taguig. But, we were disappointed (the second time around) because the resort was closed.

We all went home tired and disappointed…Well, at least we tried hahaha… and there’s little Thea who kept on singing Bahay Kubo, and Me Love (by Sean Kingston) throughout the trip.

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  1. hi. thanks for visiting my site. kaya we planned our vacation in pinas before holy week kasi nga alam ko it would be full house all over, hehe. happy easter.

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