She’s Excited!

Whenever I arrive home, I would ask my little girl how was her day like. Did she behaved properly with her Tita , did she take a nap, what did she had for merienda, and stuffs like that… After her afternoon nap, she is allowed to play outside with her cousins. Kwento ng husband ko, inayos daw ng bro-in-law nya ang van. Then, there comes Thea kulit, and asked him this:

“Tito ‘No, alit? (I mean alis)”, Thea asked.

Then he replied , “Opo, inaayos ko sasakyan natin dahil aalis tayo next week”.
He’s referring to the family’s summer out-of-town trip next Friday. We are planning to go to a beach somewhere in Zambales. My husband’s relatives invited us to visit them at their place. It has been a tradition of the Zaballa’s to drive as far as Nueva Ecija to relax and enjoy the summer.
Thea really loves to swim, kaya excited na talaga sya, hehe. Excited na kaming lahat hahaha.

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