See How “Dora” Influenced Her!

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One of Thea’s favorite show on nickjr is Dora the Explorer, an animated series designed to engage pre-schoolers in a play along adventure.

Thea loves imitating her moves, and even the way she talks. Here are some proofs:

1. she can count 1-10 in Spanish: Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, sais, siete, ocho, nueve, diez. (I’m not sure if I spelled “sais” correctly.)
2. she says : “Abre-Open” and “Sierra-Close” whenever she wants to open or close the
door or something.
3. She also imitates “Oh, mannn!”, the way Swiper say it… Swiper is a sneaky fox in blue mask and gloves, who appears in almost every episode.
Indeed, she’s certified Dora fanatic. Btw, she also wore Dora costume during our department’s Kids Party last year.

2 thoughts on “See How “Dora” Influenced Her!

  1. Hi there,, My little girl loves Dora too… and Diego another show,, Dora’s cousin.. she watches the show everyday and anything with Dora logo on it,, she just loves it.. Well, Dora’s show is very wholesome and good for kids,, that is why the show is a success.. Come and visit my site too,,Im a mom of 3 children from Sydney. my sites are and see you there,,

  2. ha ha ha ha! it’s a relief to know my kids are not alone! sometimes i get this what?!? reactions everytime my kids would say spanish words… at first i was surprised on where did they learn it, then i saw Dora, and i knew…

    children are indeed impressionable!

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