I Signed-up for PayPerPost

I already signed up with PayPerPost. I received an e-mail last Friday (March 28, 2008) from the PayPerPost Team notifying me that my PPP blog, Uncomplicated, has been approved and is now available. Thus, I can start grabbing opportunities which I am qualified by logging-in their website.

I was into blogging since 2004 but my blogs then were purely personal. My wedding preparations as well as my first pregnancy were my most discussed topics on my last two (2) blogs. Recently, my blogger friends are talking a lot about PayPerPost and they encouraged me to register my new blog. PPP has opened various opportunities to bloggers from different parts of the world. Similarly, individuals and companies can easily advertise their products and services through the help of PPP. Furthermore, I am able to meet new friends in the blogosphere who share the same interest with me. I really admire all the people behind this site that unite bloggers and advertisers in one hub.

Perhaps, I can use my future earnings in buying a new pair of shoes for my husband, or a nice story book for my little girl. I am just so happy…So what are waiting for, click the PPP badge on my sidebar and sign-up now.


3 thoughts on “I Signed-up for PayPerPost

  1. Oh Great! One tip to get approved by Pay Per Post.
    You must have 20 posts in last 90 days and your blog archieve should be clearly visible to confirm how old your blog is.

    Rest All the best

  2. Congrats, Weng! I’ve also signed up with PPP last month but I’m stil waiting for my blog to reach the 30-day age requirement before I can submit it. That would be in a week’s time. I’m really excited. 🙂

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